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The adventures of robin hood 1938 classic movie hub. Still the definitive robin hood movie the adventures of. When robin and his moorish companion come to england and the tyranny of the sheriff of nottingham, he decides to fight back as an outlaw. Considered by many to be the best robin hood movie. As the latest take on the robin hood legend starring taron egerton and. The bandit of sherwood forest, a film starring cornel wilde as robert of nottingham, robin hoods son. In these cynical days when swashbucklers cannot be presented without an ironic subtext, this great 1938 film exists in an eternal summer of bravery and romance.

Robin hood freshens up a film legend orlando sentinel. That is one of several twists to an old tale in robin hood. Dashing errol flynn triumphs in this lavish, fastpaced technicolour adventure version of the robin hood legend in this 1938 production of the adventures of robin hood. The bluray of the adventures of robin hood does justice to celebrating the frivolity that is robin hood hollywood style, especially with the very charismatic errol flynn at its helm and again when i first viewed this film i feel in love with it 100%, as i think it is the best portrayal of. Russel crowes was a borefest and i turned it off after 20 minutes and i wont. See more ideas about robin, kevin costner and i movie. Adventures of robin hood 1938, directed by michael curtis and william. Robin hood costner and former cellmate azeem freeman return to england inexplicably, given. The adventures of robin hood 1938 action, adventure. Prince of thieves, you may want to read the original ballad or rent the 1938 errol flynn movie to help understand the metaphors and symbols in the original story. The adventures of robin hood, american romantic adventure film, released in 1938, that is considered one of the great cinematic adventures and starred errol flynn in what became the defining role of his career.

The lower part of nottingham castle its upper reaches are a matte painting. It starred douglas fairbanks, and was also the first movie to have a hollywood premiere. The adventures of robin hood full movie 1938 lets join, fullhd movies seasonepisode here. Kevin costner, morgan freeman, mary elizabeth mastrantonio, christian slater, alan rickman, and sean connery star in this historical actionadventure breathing new life into the legendary, swashbuckling hero who defends the poor and battles the evil sheriff of nottingham in englands sherwood forest. It is commonly accepted wisdom that one of the greatest film scores in all of hollywood history is composer erich wolfgang korngold oscar winning music for warner bros. Our heroes should not be thieves even those who exchange the mythic christian archetypes of history for the gilded fools of the new age, but those. The prince of thieves, a film starring jon hall as robin hood.

Kevin costners was average and the american accents along with morgan freeman was too much. At 28, errol flynn was the youngest actor to play robin hood, until 1984. If you have never seen this movie please give it a shot, no other robin hood has been able to recreate the magic that this film has. In the production notes, there are jokey references to the classic 1938 version and to the fact. Watching the movie in a society 23 years more advanced, both technologically and culturally, i found myself wondering just who robin hood. The last and most wellknown of these films, robin hood, was released in 1922. After robin barely survives a watery skirmish with little john nick brimble, the two become. Though theres little sexuality and no foul language, theres a lot of oldfashioned violence. If the experiences of my friends, loved ones, and coworkers are any indication, it was meant for kids with a taste for action and explosions with few scruples. Everyone is hairy and gross because theyve all been getting tortured for five years. The adventures of robin hood 1938 stream and watch. When shane richie slips into the green tights and sharpens up his arrows this christmas, he will be joining a long and noble line of actors who have portrayed the outlaw with a heart of gold robin hood may or may not, nobody really knows have roamed sherwood forest robbing the rich to give to the poor hundreds of years ago but the appeal of.

List of films and television series featuring robin hood. The adventures of robin hood, starring errol flynn in his most acclaimed role. Itll be because too much time passed since a robin hood movie came out. Joe mantegnas five favorite films movie and tv news. Parents need to know that the adventures of robin hood is a 1938 movie starring errol flynn as the legendary medieval hero who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Mgm had previously purchased the book and lyrics of the operetta from warner bros. Ridley scotts fifth film with crowe never quite musters up the epic power of its predecessor gladiator, yet still.

With kevin costner, morgan freeman, mary elizabeth mastrantonio, christian slater. It was directed by kevin reynolds and stars kevin costner as robin hood, morgan freeman as azeem, christian slater as will scarlett, mary elizabeth mastrantonio as marian, and alan rickman as the sheriff of nottingham. The fun of the adventures of robin hood is its lighthearted spirit of gamesmanship. The adventures of robin hood film by curtiz and keighley. Errol flynn famously brought the character to life in colour in 1938s adventures of robin hood. Moviechat forums the adventures of robin hood 1938 discussion still the definitive robin hood movie still the definitive robin hood movie posted 2 years ago by 2. Only a spirited and extravagant production could do justice to the robin hood legend. The name is no coincidence, it comes from the use as a location in the 1922 douglas fairbanks film of robin hood, but it also stood in for the african jungle for tarzan and his mate in 1934.

Film locations for the adventures of robin hood 1938. After the icy restrictions placed on the film industry following the establishment of the production code administration breen office in the mid 1930s, warner bros. The adventures of robin hood 1938, starring errol flynn, is one of the 1001 classic movies you should see. Prince of thieves, 1991 people always bash kevin costners robin hood because of the cheesy early 90s bryan adams soundtrack that made robin hood into more of a don juan, and less of an rugged outlaw. Classic hollywood heartthrob errol flynn portrayed the folk hero in 1938s the adventures of robin hood. A nobleman becomes the vigilante robin hood who protects the oppressed english.

Its a meta joke, enjoyed by all who remember him from the 1938 robin hood. In the early 1990s the hollywood movie, robin hood prince of. The adventures of robin hood 1938 film score allmusic. The adventures of robin hood soundtrack from 1938, composed by erich wolfgang korngold. Korngold prepared a symphonic suite from the adventures of robin hood for use in concert that lasts about 25 minutes, but as in the case of many. Since robin hood of locksley saved his life, morgan freeman. The film tells the tale of robin hood, with flynn as the legendary bandit trying to aid. It was the largest sum ever paid by a studio for music rights.

The adventures of robin hood full movie 1938 youtube. The robin hood radio show from 1938 is just that, and is quite a bit of nostalgia. Morgan freeman, to find his people under siege from the cruelties of the. In the 1970s, the character featured in the popular 1973 animated disney film robin hood and that was followed by the 1976 film robin and marian, starring sean connery and audrey hepburn, in which we saw the final days of robin hood.

This robin hood is downanddirty fun orlando sentinel. But ive always held a soft spot in my heart for costners flick because, well, costner is and was a pretty cool dude. Rent the adventures of robin hood 1938 on dvd and blu. The adventures of robin hood 1938 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The adventures of robin hood is a 1938 american technicolor swashbuckler from warner bros. When prince john and the norman lords begin oppressing the saxon masses in king richards absence, a saxon lord fights back as the outlaw leader of a rebel guerrilla army. The film introduces robin hood of locksley among a line of english prisoners and morgan freeman.

Studios decided to find relief from censorship by bringing about a. With kevin costner, morgan freeman, mary elizabeth mastrantonio. Michael praed, who played robin hood in the showtime series, was 24. Robin hood has graced the silver screen many times in different forms. Morgan freeman and kevin costner bond in this clip from the epic adventure. The adventures of robin hood 1938 is one of the greatest, most colorful costume dramas, swashbucklers, and romanticallytinged adventure films in film history. Released by varese sarabande in 1983 vcd 47202 containing music from the adventures of robin hood 1938.

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